Place of birth Saatli district 
Date of birth 05.09.1959  
Education Baku  State  University 
Scientific degree PhD in Biology 
Title  As. professor 

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An introduction of shadbush (Amelanchier Medik.) species , study of bioecological features and the use prosperity of them in Absheron.

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Basic scientific achievements The  seasonal  development  characteristics   ( growth and development dynamics, phenology, propagation methods, primary cultivation agrotechnics ) of  the shadbush  ( Amelanchier Medik) and hawthorn  (Grataegus L.) genus species were investigated  in Absheron condition and  the  most perspective species were proposed for the planting greenery.   
Names of scientific works

1. Некоторые редкие и исчезающие виды флоры средней Азии, интродуцированные в ЦБС НАН Азербайджана. Новые и нетрадиционные растения и перспективы их использования, Материалы XI Международного симпозиума, Пущино, Москва, 2015, с.44-46. Искендер Э.О Сафарова Э.П. Гараев С.Г. Алиев Э.Я Гулиева Г.Г 

2. The  development and the growth features of sprouts of  Malus orientalis uglitzk. species introduced in Absheron. Symposium on Euroasian Biodiversity, Antalya, Turkey, 2016, p.246

3. The generative development features of members of the genus Iris L. introduced to Absheron. VII Международная научно-практическая конференция «Актуальные проблемы науки XXI века» Сборник статей 1 часть, Москва, 2016, с.28-32. Mammadova G.T.

4. Vitality pollens of wild plum (Prunus divaricata L.) in Absheron conditions. 80th Inniversary Institute of Botany Azerbaijan National  Academy of Sciences International Conference, Baku, 2016, p.115

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of the Society of Azerbaijan Botanists
Pedagogical activity
Other activities Secretary of the scientific seminars in the  Central Botanical Garden  
Awards and prizes

In connection with the 60th anniversary of  ANAS, "The Certificate of  Honor"

In connection with the 70th anniversary of  ANAS, "The Certificate of  Honor"

Main place of work and its address Central Botanical Garden of ANAS. AZ1004. Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city, Mikail Mushfig 103
Position Leading Researcher  of  the laboratory  of  Trees and Shrubs 
Office phone
Mobile (+994 50) 4438839  
Home phone (+994 12) 3718013  
Fax (+994 12) 5024172