Place of birth Aghjabadi, Hindarkh 
Date of birth 01.05.1969 
Education Baku State University, Biology faculty
Scientific degree PhD of biology
Title Docent
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Basic scientific achievements The introduction of plants using GIS technologies through modeling forecasting methods have been developed in order to cultivate their wider areas. Some common trees and shrubs  species of the Azerbaijan were dendrochronogically and dendroecologically investigated. and dendroekoloji Study. Have been designed and implemented digital and digital-letter  politomic appointment keys for the non-traditional determination of  the pine species introduced Absheron. 
Names of scientific works

1. Influence of technogenic contamination on forest plants. Journal of the Faculty of Forestry, Artvin Coruh University, Volume.11, №1, p. 19-26 (2010) (by co-author)

2. The use of politomic keys in the designation of the introduced candles in Absheron. Lectures of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, volume. LXVIII, №5, p. 58-67 (2012) (by co-author)

3. Application of GIS technologies in introducing Eldar pine (Pinus eldarica Medw.). Journal of the Biological Sciences Department of ANAS. volume. 67, № 3, p. 31-37 (2012)

4. Taxonomy, bio-morphological and radiological features of Pines. – Baku: 72 p. (2013) (by co-author)

5. Geographic variation in nrDNA and four cpDNAs sequences of Juniperus excelsa and J. polycarpos in Greece, Turkey. Lebanon and Azerbaijan Phytologia, 2014, 96 (2),p.89-95.( in a co-authorship)

6.The Reforestation of the Greater Caucasus Beech Forests’ Meadow and the Glades. Eastern European Scientific Journal, Ausgabe 6-2015. p.20-26. Yahyayev Ajdyn B., Safarova Elmira P

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of the Association of Botanists 
Pedagogical activity
Other activities Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Botanical Garden 
Awards and prizes
Main place of work and its address Central Botanical Garden of ANAS, Bakı, AZ1004, Badamdar, 40  
Position Director of the Central Botanical Garden 
Office phone (+994 12) 5024321
Mobile (+994 50) 3856224
Home phone (+994 12) 4343595
Fax (+994 12) 5024172