Life between flowers

An experienced and old agronomist of the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS, a profound connoisseur of the agronomy, good man, a solicitous elder with all the goodness Rafig Aliyev has celebrated his 80th brithday.

Rafig Aliyev was born on April 25, 1937 in Kenarmeša village of Lankaran region. In 1952 he graduated from Kenarmeša village with a 7-year school diploma. In 1956 he graduated from the department of "Suptropic Plants" of the technical school and was appointed as agronomisto-entomologist in the village.

In 1960, he entered the Agronomy Faculty of the Ganja Agricultural Institute, but was dismissed from his education in connection with family circmstances, giving his documents to the evening department of the Economic University of Azerbaijan State University, in 1965 he graduated from the university with a specialty "Commodity trade and organization of trade in commodities". Rafig Aliyev graduated from Baku Higher Party School in 1974.

In the 90s, R. Aliyev, having a good knowledge of the agronomic business, started to grow roses by renting greenhouses in the village of Khirdalan with his friends. In 2000, Rafig Aliyev gets acquainted with the head of the " Floriculture " laboratory of the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS, PhD in biology Asaf Isgandarov and got a proposal to work with him. He has been working as agronomist at the " Floriculture " laboratory of the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS for about 17 years.

Extensive scientific researches are being carried out in the direction of formation of decorative roses, selection and setting up of collection fund. In the collection and experimental areas, as well as 560 species of garden roses planted in different parts of the garden, are cultivated by over 800 species of breeding and hybridization, with a total of over 8500 seedlings and seeds and hybrid forms.

An experienced agronomist Rafig Aliyev had a great service in decently fulfillment of these works requiring special care and skill and being of it an exemplary collection area in the Botanical Garden. During his working process he has shown himself as an experienced, capable, practical, man who is able to cope with his job.


Science newspaper, 11 July 2017. Page 8