A seminar on "GIS database and documentation of plants" was held


Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Public Relations of the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS Yusif Abiyev held a seminar on "GIS database and documentation of plants".

Director of the Central Botanical Garden, Ph.D. Vahid Farzaliyev emphasized the importance of documenting the plants for the implementation of the e-governance system in the botanical gardens and noted that one of the main goals is to systematize the existing plant collections of the Botanical Garden and to create a database management system.

Later on, Yusif Abiyev gave extensive information about the work done in the world of botanical gardens, standard database programs and information included in the system, usage of GIS software and other issues. A.Abiyev also acquainted participants with information collected from collections of Central Botanical Garden.

Finally, the proposals for the implementation of the next stage of the work were discussed and relevant instructions were given on the decisions taken.