Employee of Central Botanical Garden of ANAS participated in international training course


Head of the Department of Information Technology and Public Relations of the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS Yusif Abiyev attended the international training course "Development and Management of Botanical Gardens" held in the People's Republic of China.

The course organized by the International Botanical Gardens Association, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Shanghai Censan Botanical Garden lasted for 20 days, consisting of theoretical and practical part. Expeditions to the Tianmu Mountain, Cansan, Shanghai and Hangzou Botanical Gardens, Shanghai Natural History Museum, Fangta and Zuibaiich Historical National Parks, Herbarium Fund, Seed Bank, Plant Science Research Center, along with lectures in support of developing botanical gardens in developing countries was carried out.

At the International Ethnobotics Exhibition organized in Shanghai, Azerbaijan, A.Abiyev made a presentation on "Use of Plants in the Cultural Life of the Azerbaijani People" to promote the culture of Asian countries and to establish mutual relations.