Central Botanical Garden held the opening of the exhibition of roses


ANAS Central Botanical Garden held an exhibition of varieties of roses from the Central Botanical Garden collection and grown by selection method on May 29.

The main goal of the two-day exhibition is the propaganda and popularization of botanical science in Azerbaijan, the demonstration of achievements in this field, inculcation of youth in love and attention to nature, as well as introducing roses lovers to new varieties.

At the event, head of the Floriculture Laboratory of the Central Botanical Garden, curator of the exhibition, PhD in Biology Asaf Iskandarov spoke about the importance of the exhibition. The scientist noted that for many years he was engaged in growing varieties of roses and achieved positive results in this direction.

Noting that, Central Botanical Garden has a rich experience in the study of varieties of roses, the scientist has brought to the attention that important research works are carried out here in connection with the introduction, hybridization of local varieties and the selection of roses from different countries.

He noted that, up to the present time more than 560 varieties of roses imported from different countries have been introduced and adapted to local conditions in the laboratory. These varieties of roses were introduced by cultivators of the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Russia and other countries, as well as by laboratory staff in different years.

A.Iskandarov stressed that, every year the garden collection is replenished with new varieties.

Then, the exhibition was viewed. Exposed varieties of roses aroused great interest of the exhibitors.