The organizers of the international seminar "SAP-Hircanian" were guest on ITV


An international seminar on "Strengthening adaptive capacity of Hirkan forests against social needs and changing environmental factors" was organized by the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS, the German city of Freiburg, Islamic and Gilan Universities.

Organizers of the event were invited to ITV. Associate Professor Vahid Farzaliyev, scientists from the University of Freiburg, Professor Rasul Yusufpur, Professor Mark Hannevinkelek attended at the program.

The program talked about the importance of the international seminar within the framework of the project "SAP-Hyrcanian - Strengthening Adaptive Capacity of Hirkan forests against Social Needs and Changing Environmental Factors"

Funded by the German Volkswagen Foundation. The project coordinator is Professor Rasul Yusufpur.