The XV volume of the proceedings of the Central Botanical Garden of teh ANAS has been published recently

The XV volume of the proceedings of the Central Botanical Garden of the ANAS has been published recently.

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May 22 - International Day of Biodiversity

May 22 - International Day of Biodiversity. The decision on this was taken by the UN General Assembly on December 20, 2000. The main goal of this day is to draw the attention of the world community to biodiversity that is exposed to natural and anthropogenic factors. The slogan of this year's annual celebration in 2018 is "Biodiversity and 25-year activities". It should be noted that, in 1992, was adopted International Convention on Biological Diversity in Nairobi, Kenya. The Convention was established to protect the world's biological heritage on a global scale.continued >>>



Central Botanical Garden held the opening of the exhibition of roses

ANAS Central Botanical Garden held an exhibition of varieties of roses from the Central Botanical Garden collection and grown by selection method on May 29. The main goal of the two-day exhibition is the propaganda and popularization of botanical science in Azerbaijan, the demonstration of achievements in this field, inculcation of youth in love and attention to nature, as well as introducing roses lovers to new varieties. video>>>

____________________________________________________________ 25.05.2018

The organizers of the international seminar "SAP-Hircanian" were guest on ITV

An international seminar on "Strengthening adaptive capacity of Hirkan forests against social needs and changing environmental factors" was organized by the Central Botanical Garden of ANAS, the German city of Freiburg, Islamic and Gilan Universities.continued>>>