Small Gardeners - Children are designed to study the order of plant planting and care. As we know, plants have a great role in human life. From this point of view, children's involvement in the identification, closely contacting, planting and serving of plants will result in a further change in their attitude towards plants. As a result, children will be more likely to respect and protect their plants.

Azerbaijani Plants - Every plant has a homeland as well as the native land of every living thing. There are sufficiently severe losses in the homeland of Azerbaijan. From this point of view, it is important for children to learn the names of these plants, to see them visually, and to gather information about them. Taking into account all this, a special educational event will be held for the students. It should be noted that the knowledge gained by children in this area will play an important role in promoting these plants in the future.

Speaking wooden rings - We can mainly refer to trees that can record natural events. Thus, the annual rings in the tree trunks have the ability to record past events. Taking into account all this, we will use wooden wood to collect wood-ring patterns, calculate the age of the tree, and try to explain the natural phenomena of the wood in the wooden rings with the help of a hand microscope.

Invisible architects of plant - Plants in the world vary from very small to large sizes. Sometimes the growth of a plant at a height of about 100 meters, about 20 meters in diameter is of great interest to man. Taking these into account, small and large sized plants will be examined and their cell (anatomic) structures will be examined under a microscope. Cells that cause the growth of the plant will be given information. Thus, children will get acquainted with the invisible architects of plants.