Dear visitors!

AR Cabinet of Ministers Decision No.114 of 21 April 2015 with a "specially protected natural territories and objects of scientific, cultural, educational, tourism and recreation, limited usage and the payment amount paid by business purposes, Central Botanical Garden of the trips have been defined in the following rates since 24.04.2017

- Above 18 years of age, all visitors coming in groups -1 Azn

-retirees, veterans of labor. From age 6 to 18 when it comes to children who have a parent—0.50Azn

-Daily parking ensure 1 AZn

- Professional video and photosessions are-daily- 20 Azn

- These persons are privileged during the entrance and are exempted from the payment - National heroes, the people who fought for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan ( by presenting an appropriate certificate of approval)

- Schoolchildren, disabled people.