Botanical gardens are one of the oldest information networks. In the present period, significant species and most of the species are collected in the collection of botanical gardens. Excursions are organized in our Bag for the purpose of introducing plants for preschool, schoolchildren and students. At this round, which is accompanied by our guide, you can find out how important the plants you are going to have are actually in our world.

Do not call to know the collections that are in our bonds with the idea that plants need to be recognized well. Here you can get acquainted with the most important tree and plant collections of decorative, medicinal and fungicides.

Thus, at the highest point of our city, located at 105-135 m above sea level, Central Botanic Garden is considered to be one of its ecologically clean cultural centers in the green zone of Baku and also promotes the achievements of biological science as a cultural and educational center. The Central Botanical Garden, which is a practical base for botanical research in Baku, is also of great importance for popularization of botanical science in society and the development of ecological awareness of the population, as it is a strategically important nature conservation facility for biodiversity conservation in the republic. In the alleys of the Botanical Gardens, visitors can learn about the type, sex and homeland of plants interested in them in boards hanging on plants in Azerbaijani, Russian and Latin languages. Central Botanical Garden, as a green museum, promotes the achievements of biological sciences and the idea of ​​protecting nature among the population. Many visitors of the garden - schoolchildren, students, foreign guests, representatives of various embassies and organizations operating in our republic, in a word, are lovers of nature.